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Honda SS180 V Twin - ignition timing and road ride

In this video I check the ignition timing on my Honda SS180 V Twin and take it for a ride. Its a lovely bike to ride quite responsive for such a small engine.
David Russell : Sounds like a baby Ducati !
Joe Joseph : Is there a video showing how you modified the crancakses for the extra cylinder? Looks like the opening for the cylinder was milled and then the base welded on?
Martyn James : Finally, I have something in common with Allen. My points screws always get mashed up too :-)
servicarrider : He's the god damned Mr. Rogers of Shade Tree Mechanical Engineer Land.
servicarrider : This guy is a mechanical genius in the finest tradition of English shed men. I'm American.
Gary Tompkins : Beautiful example of re-engineering. Mr Millyard you are an absolute genius
talltom1129 : No doubt in my mind, you will go down in the history books of motorcycling. Your work is outstanding.
Tony Wilkes : Brilliant!
The Christian MTBer : Stunning to say the least!
4thdimension travels : That is the coolest thing Ive seen in a while. The level of engineering is on a completely different level.

Millyard - Honda SS100 and SS180 V Twins

In this video i explain a few features of my 1974 Honda SS100 V Twins and also my 1975 Honda SS180 V Twin. I have made three SS100 V Twins and one SS180. The first SS100 is on display in Barber Motorsport Museum in Alabama USA. I go into a bit of detail showing internal parts during a rebuild sequence, and all four bikes can be herd running. I hope you enjoy the video.
Oldtime : Moje marzenie z dawnych lat.
Mandy Flame : The ultimate “man in a shed”. I love watching this channel!
Sam Ingram : This is stunning work.
Trev S : Your a genius
Roger Ramjet : The difference between an Allen Millyard video and one that I would make is that I would have entire afternoons dedicated to searching for a part that rolled off the bench, or fishing a nut out of the transmission that I accidentally dropped in there, accompanied by loud vociferous condemnations of the nut's maternal lineage...
Peter Stegman : The SS180 sounds like a brute!
steven livingston : This guy, aside from being a freaking genius, has "Bob Ross" levels of chill. "Bly me; I seem to have mashed me thumb" sounds like the extent of consternation he probably experienced when whacking his digit.
Max Headroom : Sir, you are to motorcycling engineering like Stephen Hawkins was to Physics. Thank you for posting the videos!
Cedric Cornell : Love it!
What is the firing order, both togther or 180* etc?
Tomas Gustafsson : The SS180 has the "perfect" crispy sound.... love it !

Millyard Honda SS180 V Twin

This is my Millyard Honda SS180 V Twin. The engine is based on a 1975 C90 with an extra cylinder. Top speed is around 80mph
Kevin Kenny : This is one of my favorite bikes ever! Great work.
woody Vallallellalunga : I love that SS180 V Twin, its a little beast of a bike
blkcoupequattro : There were 25 versions of the Spitfire airplane used in World War II, it was all about refining an already good design...
Tuukkis : Category: Comedy. Yes, this is comedy at it's very finest
silverbird58 : I wonder if he will sell complete 180 twin engines?
thehackerknownas4chan : I need this bike in my life...
The MetaBaron : this just makes me warm and fuzzy
triple driver : Brilliant
CaptainNonsense : Is this a manual clutch engine? You have the auto clutch right side cover, but there's a cable and linkage running to it. I would love to find out more about what you did there.
El taller de Jeffer : Nice sound!!!!




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