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Flash MX 2004 Keyframing Demo

This is an old tutorial for students to use at my school

Flash MX 2004 Motion Tweening

An old tutorial for students at Lake Trail School to utilize
ArtifyXW : thanks this helped a lot :)
Epicnoob2989 : 1:13 No You can Use the ''Edit Multiple Frames'' And go To "Edit'' And Go To Select All
Lt. Ripley : It's so good isn't it? Easy to follow and NOT boring, even though he has a gentle voice. Some of the ones I've watched have made me fall asleep. This is amazing, simple and to the point. Thank you
Marcin Solarski : Love these tutorials - everything explained extremely clearly :)
Fragmentation123 : Holy freaking god, thank you so much. (+1 Sub)
Daniel Paprocki : This is what ive been looking for :) thx
LudicrousSeal Animations : Thank you so much! This was a lot of help

Using Flash MX 2004 Pt.1: Basic Animations

First video. Here, I teach anyone who's interested how to make simple Flash animations with an outdated version of Flash MX. The audio is a bit desynced thanks to CamStudio -- I'm probably not using that program again, just to let you all know.
Sandhya Dubey : Underrated in 2020
buddieminecraft : Windows 10 anyone?
arytonly : I'm gonna missed flash
Jeffin Moncy : I watched this video in 1.25 x speed. And I know nobody asked to me
Uzay Oyuncusu : Thanks For Tutorial
aubhey toor : How do you play the animation? Sorry I might have missed it but please help me out
talldude123 : I used this in high school.
GARF - GAMER : 2020 anyone
GARF - GAMER : i am your 191th subscriber
Ss K : Hi. I m from india. And i saw ur vedios 1st time. I m starting to learn now. Very good vedios please upload more tutorials. Thanks




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